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Research Seminar Series

This seminar provides a forum for discussion of research at the leading edge of health services. Speakers from within and outside UCLA present work at all stages of completion in an environment of friendly and active discussion. Our goal is to educate each other in the latest research methods and results in improving quality, cost, and access in health services.

The Seminar is held every Friday from 12 - 1 PM, in the second-floor conference room in our Broxton Plaza offices.

You can check the schedule on the internet and even sign yourself up for a slot. You can also view the archive of past seminars, listed by date or alphabetically by last name.

The seminar-announce group serves as the mailing list for this seminar. Currently about 150 people throughout the UCLA community receive our weekly invitations, which are sent automatically using information from the schedule.

You can sign yourself up for the seminar-announce mailing list. If you're a division member, please log on and edit your group memberships. If you're outside the division, please register in our directory, and then add yourself to the seminar-announce group.

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