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Ron D. Hays, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles (hays@rand.org), is a Professor of Medicine in the UCLA Department of Medicine. 

Ron is also a Senior Health Scientist at RAND in Santa Monica, CA. 

Karen Spritzer, UCLA School of Medicine (KSpritzer@mednet.ucla.edu), is an expert programmer helping to analyze KDQOL™ datasets.

Former Members of the KQDOL Working Group

Stephen Joel Coons, Ph.D.,(sjcoons@c-path.org).   Stephen is a member of the leadership team at Criticial Path Institute.

Joel D. Kallich, Ph.D. (jkallich@gmail.com) was a charter member of the KDQOL Working Group, but is no longer interested in working.  If you have information on his whereabouts, please contact the local authorities or one of his pets.
I miss my ferret.

Donna L. Mapes, D.N.S.C.   Donna is retired from Amgen.  She was one of the most valuable members of the KDQOL Working Group.  


To ask a question or make a comment, including suggestions to the website please send email to the KDQOL™ Working Group at kdqol@rand.org